SecurePart organized a workshop about security in H2020 at Madrid in collaboration with CDTI (Centre for Industrial Development Technology) and the Spanish ONG Coordinator

Last 18th of November took place a workshop in the headquarters of Spanish Caritas in Madrid with the Spanish National Contact Point of Secure Societies (Maite Boyero) and 10 CSOs that are part of the working group of the Spanish ONGDs coordinator. There were representatives from Spanish Red Cross, Ayuda en Acción, Entreculturas, Alianza por la Seguridad, Caritas, InteRed, Medicos del Mundo, Fundación FES, ADSIS and Humanismo y Democracia.

In the workshop it was explained the following issues: R&D Framework Programme, types of projects, what it is not supported by H2020, pros of participating, scheme of H2020 Programme, detail of societal challenges, Spanish results, ranking of Spanish organizations that participate, origin of the security challenge, return by type of organization, particularities and finally the topics of the Secure Societies Programme 2016-2017 as an advance information from the Info Day that will take place most probably in February 2016.

At the beginning of the workshop it was showed the video that the SecurePART Project developed, and through which in an easy way, the organizations were able to see them reflected and represented by the content of the video. The presentation that was done at the beginning of the workshop helped to meet the participation of those organizations into the Secure Societies Programme.


All the organizations were very satisfied with the presentations done, also with the contents it was worked in the workshop, with the documents received (H2020 guide for CSOs, first period results of the project implementation from SecurePART, Secure Societies Work Programme 2016-2017) and it was shared the necessity of deepened in the given information.

As a result, all the participants has subscribed themselves to the contact list of the project and to the CDTI one, in order to get aware of the project progress and of the following national and European events related with the thematic in order to participate, to know more about the topics and increase their Spanish and European network; so they will start with their Action Plan in Security Research. Also, all the organizations have committed themselves to share internally in their organizations, the information received and motivate the interest to be present in the framework of this programme.


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